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When 3DO games beckon, I respond. A $40 haul, a good price overall. NBA Showtime is a replacement and NBA Jam I only needed for the long box. Hell, though, is the one I’ve tried snagging numerous times and finally found it for the right price. 

And ironically, six games divided by $40? 6.66 per game. It was meant to be. 


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Cabin Fever


Multi-store run after an extended weather based house arrest. Pulled the band-aid off per se and filled PSP sports game holes at only $1 each. Overpaid for Guerrilla War ($4) as I found my copy not working. Total for all was a hair less than $50.

A note on Flintstones (Game Boy): Some seem to be inflating the price of this title online, upward of $200. The cart alone is not worth the exorbitant price. Compete with box and manual is something else all together, and the false assumption is loose copies are equally value in those bloated prices. Comparable would be Castlevania Legends (also Game Boy), a $45-ish cart on the high side that balloons to hundreds with the box or manual. Flintstones? $5 game.

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Collecting Patience

$20 local game store haul. Patience can be key, if risky. Most of these 3DO games were initially $10 each, but today were lowered to only a few dollars. Waiting is usually beneficial even if you consider the risk of losing out to another buyer in the interim. It’s not worth paying $10 for common titles even for oddball consoles. Set your pricing standards (mine is usually a $5 max) and stick to it. You can buy more games long term and you will certainly run across those gap filling commons again.

Hyrule Historia was on sale for $5.

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