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Boy Game


Gamestop and local game store haul. Game Boy games were B1G1 free. Fist of the North Star has been on my want list for years, same with Rumble Racing. $36 for everything here.

A note on the two GBC “Rumble” carts. When buying these, make sure to check the AAA battery has not rotted out. That would almost certainly indicate a ruined game. The library of GBC Rumble carts is small, but prone to those issues if they’ve been in storage for a while.


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Sealed and Delivered


A sealed NES game for $8? Thanks local game store! No matter the game, it’s impossible to lose on a truly sealed NES game still in the original shrinkwrap at that price, though you must know what to look for to ensure the seal is legitimate. In this case, the seam along the back is the clincher.


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