Post Christmas Binge


With some DVD trade-ins and B2G1 free sales, this mixture of GameStop and a local chain store finds only cost me $26. Captain America on NES was a permanent resident on my wanted list, but with the explosion of Marvel films and general absurdity of current NES collector pricing, it seemed like a long shot. This cart was listed at $25, but with the trades, it was only a pittance.

Note I don’t generally recommend trading in. Whatever the store in question is actually charging on their floor, that’s what you can generally get by doing a little online footwork. However, when you begin building up a lot of worthless titles from buying in lots and such (DVDs like Mortal Kombat Annihilation, games like Swing Away Golf PS2), dumping them on a store can be beneficial for a short burst cash infusion for that rare gem you’ve been looking for.

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