A Note on Digital Re-Releases


Tomba 2 is coming to PSN. It joins a number of decidedly rare physical games in a march to low cost digital accessibility. Despite the $10 price of the download – in contrast to $100+ complete physical copies – value will most likely never flinch. You can see this with other games, from the ballyhooed release of Earthbound on Wii U to Summer Carnival ’92 Recca on 3DS. Both have readily available digital editions, yet the physical carts remain at their pre-digital levels (if not more so).

Do not worry about your collection being devalued if you own these items (if that’s important to you), nor should you think the market will wane allowing cheaper access to an original copy. The game doesn’t change, this despite some uneasiness when Nintendo first announced the Virtual Console. Embrace stable values and easy access to games few will ever play. It benefits us all.

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