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“Targeting” Goodwill


$8 local Goodwill haul. Playboy: The Mansion is not rare, but it’s price has held steady. It’s probably worth buying a copy now as it likely had a low print run. PC gaming is an odd beast where few titles are worth anything significant, and if it’s available digitally, just leave it. Also, completeness matters. If it’s missing anything, also leave it.


And yes, those are Wii U games AND an Xbox One game… At Goodwill. Some stores act as drop off points for unused or returned retail merchandise. This store specifically receives items from Target, hence an Xbox One game only a month after the console’s release. It’s worth checking into if you want modern games or accessories on the cheap, but as always, it’s dumb luck.


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Collecting Patience

$20 local game store haul. Patience can be key, if risky. Most of these 3DO games were initially $10 each, but today were lowered to only a few dollars. Waiting is usually beneficial even if you consider the risk of losing out to another buyer in the interim. It’s not worth paying $10 for common titles even for oddball consoles. Set your pricing standards (mine is usually a $5 max) and stick to it. You can buy more games long term and you will certainly run across those gap filling commons again.

Hyrule Historia was on sale for $5.

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